Terrain Model Download, grid 1+

Terrain Model Download, grid 1+ is a terrain model containing points with coordinates and height values in a regular grid with 1 meter spacing with high altitude accuracy. The product name in Swedish is Markhöjdmodell Nedladdning, grid 1+.

About this product

Terrain Model, grid 1+ is a grid in raster format with one meter resolution created through interpolation from the National Elevation model.

Examples of applications

  • generation of height contours and for development of digital terrain models that depict the landscape in three dimensions
  • calculations and analyses for creation of altitude- and terrain shading in maps
  • gravity determinations
  • geometric correction of satellite images
  • climate adaptation measures, such as flood mapping
  • planning and building permits near water
  • planning for climate and environmental change
  • optimal location of wind turbines, transmitter masts for mobile telephony
  • base material for orienteering maps

Geographical selection: Index tiles (2,5 x 2,5 and 5 x 5 km), polygon, cut-out with min/max-coordinates, county, municipality, Sweden.
Delivery formats: LZW-compressed GeoTIFF
Coordinate systems: SWEREF 99 TM (EPSG:3006), SWEREF 99 local zones (EPSG:3007-3018).

Maintenance and update frequency

The product is continuously updated in conjunction with update of the National Elevation model. More information can be found on Plans and outcomes.

Fact sheets and reports

It is free to disseminate the information below to organizations and / or individuals who may have an interest in altitude data.

Fact sheets:

Reports from Lantmäteriet:

External reports:


For more detailed information of the content, see the product description and quality description in Swedish or English.

Plans and outcomes

The product is based on the National Elevation model. The elevation model is continuously updated using point clouds from aerial laser scanning and aerial image matching.

The production plans below are the underlying plans for the updating. The plans can be changed based on weather and other conditions.

Production status

Production status is updated every day and display information regarding date for data capture and survey technique (laser scanning or image matching) for the National Elevation model.

Demo data

Download the desired demo files directly from the product links on this page or go to bundled demo data (new window) alternatively collected demo data on the FTP site (new window).

City Area Format Content

Göteborg (zip 7,6 MB)

Index tile 639_31_7550


Terrain model incl. meta data

Scanning year 2019

City Area Format Content

Emån (zip 8,2 MB)

Index tile 633_58_5025


Terrain model incl. meta data

Scanning year 2011

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