Map 1:50 000 Download, raster

This product is a raster map in the form of a digital image and contains buildings, ground types and roads, among other things. It is developed primarily for printing. The product name in Swedish is Karta 1:50 000 Nedladdning, raster.

About this product

Lantmäteriet’s objective is that maps are to be visually similar, whether you use a digital product of printed map. Visually the map has been adapted to be similar to the Topographic web map and the information has been fetched from the database of Topography 50 Download, vector.

Maintenance and update frequency

Map 1:50 000 is updated continuously with information about buildings, facility areas, sport facilities, electricity transmission lines, nature conservation, military areas, railroads, roads and informational text. Camping sites, guest harbours, airports, runways, train stations and hospitals are updated annually. New files for deliveries are developed once a month.

Geographical selection: Index tiles (50 x 50 km), cut-out with min/max-coordinates, any polygon, municipality, county, Sweden
Delivery formats: LZW-compressed GeoTIFF, PNG
Coordinate systems: SWEREF 99 TM (EPSG:3006), SWEREF 99 local zones (EPSG:3007-3018).


For a more detailed description of the contents, see the product description.

Map 1:50 000 contains the following information, gathered in an 8-bit image.

Administrative units
National boundary, county boundary and municipality boundary. International cairns and municipality names.

Height contours
Height contours with a 5 m interval. In mountainous areas the equidistance is 10 m.

Water courses and current arrows.

Ground data
Lakes and larger water courses, forest, cultivated land, urban areas, marshes, outcrops, blocky ground, bare mountains, and miscellaneous open ground.

Transport networks
Railroads, roads, tractor roads, ferry routes, trails, hiking trails, cable cars, cycle paths, electricity transmission lines, transformation stations, turnarounds, service area, bridges and road barriers.

Buildings and facilities, for example runways, sports fields, guest harbours etc.

Protected areas
National parks, reserves and different types of protected areas, for example animal welfare and cultural heritage.

Site of antiquity
Relic of antiquity, ruins, and mining pit.

Military areas
Military firing ranges and training fields.

Place names and informational text
Place names and text that describe the location, for example ‘school’.

The Earth’s shape and measurement
The polar circle, triangulation points, benchmarks, and height benchmarks.

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The license and what it means

Our open spatial data is available under the open data license Creative Commons, (CC0). The license means that you may use, distribute, redo, modify and build on Lantmäteriet's open data.

This also applies in commercial contexts without any restrictions. Feel free to list Lantmäteriet as the source when you disseminate our open data, but this is not a requirement.

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