Maps of Sweden

GSD-Sweden maps, vector, is the collective name of a number of databases in vector form with different levels of detail and scales. The maps of Sweden give a good overview of the country and parts of our neighboring countries. The product, Sweden map 1:1 million, will be discontinued and replaced with the new product Topography 1M Download, vector on February 1, 2023. The last update of Sweden map 1:1 million is made at the beginning of December 2022. The product name in Swedish is Sverigekartor.

Brief information

The products are excellent as background maps and for different types of theme presentations as well as input data for GIS applications.

  • Available in scales 1: 1 million, 1: 5 million, 1:10 mill. and 1:20 million.
  • Dividing into different layers gives you the freedom to choose what information you want to display in the map.
  • The content is adapted to the scale to give a good cartographic image.
  • Covers all of Sweden and parts of Dan land, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia.

Maintenance and update frequency

1: 1 million - Downloadable files are available as open data annually at the end of January and July.
1: 5 million ., 1:10 mill. and 1:20 million . - Not updated.

Download product

Download open geodata via ftp (new window).

Retrieve open data

To retrieve Lantmäteriet’s open data you need to have a user account. You use this account every time you download data or connect to a service. 

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The user account gives us the possibility to monitor the use of our open geodata as well as to provide feedback to you in case of any changes.

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Copyright and publication

In some cases you need permit to distribute geographic information. Read more on the page Copyright and publication of Lantmäteriet's geographical information.


For a deeper description of the content, see the product descriptions.
Swedish versions:

English versions:

Product overview Sweden maps

In the table below you can compare the contents of the GSD-Sweden map, vector 1: 1 million and the other maps of Sweden where the content has been selected separately for each scale, to provide a good display quality.

Contents in the map of Sweden
1: 1 million 1: 5 million  1:10 million 1:20 million
Coastline X X X X
Lakes X X X
Streams X X
Roads X
Railways X
The border of the maritime territory in the sea X
National border X X X
County boundary X X X
Municipal boundary X X
Urban boundary X
Urban symbols  X
Other symbols X
Nationalpark X
Ferry Manager X
Hiking and mountain trails X
The Arctic Circle X X X
Text X
Grid/degree grid X X X

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