Map 1:10 000 Download, raster

The product is designed to be used primarily for printing. In terms of appearance, the map has been adapted so that it is similar to the Topographical web map. The product name in Swedish is Karta 1:10 000 Nedladdning, raster.

Brief information

The map shows, among other things, buildings, types of land, roads and property boundaries. Map 1:10 000 does not have an orthophoto in the background. Lantmäteriet's goal is for maps to be similar in appearance, regardless of whether you use a digital product or print a map.

Please note that on delivery, the map can be selected with property division or road name (Topography).

Maintenance and update frequency

The property division is continuously updated by state and municipal surveying authorities in connection with property formation. Some of these update the property division periodically.

The topographic objects are updated in collaboration with the authorities or organizations responsible for each type of information. As a complement to achieve comprehensive updating of the information content, extensive periodic updating is also done in-house with photogrammetric methods.

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For a deeper description of the content, see the product description:

Here is an overview of the contents of the map image.

Delivery includes:

Map 1:10 000 with property division Download, breaks

Property division
Areas, boundaries, points, symbols and text for properties and other administrative units, such as county boundary, municipal boundary, property boundaries and cultivation boundary. In addition, everything below is included except for road names.

Map 1:10 000 with road name Download, breaks

Buildings and facilities, such as the runway and sports field and pier.
Here you will find, among other things, functions at various sports facilities, including certain attributes.

Transport network
Roads, tractor roads, railways, railway stations, ferry routes, cycle paths, paths and trails, cable cars, power lines, transformer stations, barriers and turning plans.
Here you will find, among other things, certain attributes on roads, railway and metro stations.

Road name
Names of roads mainly in densely populated areas.

Market data
Built-up areas, cultivated land, forests, marshes, lakes and larger watercourses, bare mountains, glaciers, squares and other open land.

Smaller watercourses, current arrows, burning.

Protected areas
National parks, reserves, protected areas and natural monuments.

Military areas
Military firing ranges and training ranges.

Place name and information text
Symbol that describes what is on site, such as 'recycling facility'.

Elevation curves, 5 m
The equidistance is 5 meters.

Demo data

There are two areas on the Demodata page. An area in an urban environment in Gothenburg, Majorna and an area in a forest environment along Emån.

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