Post-processing service

The post-processing service is an e-service that calculates accurate position of submitted static GNSS measurements. The uncertainty for the position in SWEREF 99 is at the centimetre level.

The post-processing service requires a Post-processing subscription.

Coordinate calculation

The post-processing service is for you who want to post-process your static GNSS measurements using reference station data from the Swepos stations. Your measurements must be dual-frequency observations.

When you upload your observation file in RINEX format, it is automatically processed using the advanced Bernese GNSS Software. The result, with coordinates and quality information, is then delivered to you via My Pages and email.

Quality report

You can also order a quality report for your RINEX file, without performing coordinate calculation. The SweposQC service gives you a comprehensive report with quality measures and diagrams, showing the data content of the RINEX file. The result is delivered to you via My Pages and email.

The quality report gives you the opportunity to see, for example, how changes in the immediate environment affect the data quality for observations at a certain location. It can be about how changed visibility obstacles limits or improves satellite access, or about changes in the location causing increased multipath errors or signal loss, and so on.

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