Support services

With the help of the support services, you can facilitate the planning, implementation and troubleshooting of your GNSS measurements.

Monitoring of ionosphere

The service provides current information on how GNSS measurement is affected by charged particles in the atmosphere in different places in the country.

Local or temporary disturbances in the atmosphere can make it more difficult to initialize a fixed solution and contribute to gross errors (large deviations) in RTK measurements. Using the ionospheric monitor (new window) you can quickly see if there are ionospheric-related problems in your region.

Monitoring of real-time services

The monitoring stations monitor the operation of the real-time services (new window) by "simulating" users of Network RTK and receiving correction data from Swepos.

By watching how the monitor stations perform, you as a real-time user can quickly determine uncertain measurement conditions. Be aware that the monitor stations have choke ring antennas and excellent reception conditions without any obstacles towards the sky. In this way, uncertainty due to signals disappearing or being reflected is avoided. In addition, the transmission of correction data is reliable and is transmitted either via radio or mobile Internet.

Satellite prediction

The satellite prediction service shows the availability of GNSS satellites (new window) based on approximate position and time. Using it, you can plan the implementation of your measurements according to how many satellites are available.

Operating information

Station map

The map contains layers for Swepos stations, Nordic border stations and the stations that partners contribute to Swepos' real-time services (new window). Choose which layers to display by clicking on the symbol on the right-hand side of the map.

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