Here you can learn more about geodesy. We offer a number of services for different types of geodetic information and you will also find articles and reports.

The main purpose of geodesy

Photo showing a part of a terrestrial globe.

Geodesy is the science of measuring and mapping of the earth – or the science of the earth's size, shape and gravity field.

For most users, geodesy in practice is about determining the location of points on the earth's surface and their height above sea level.

The responsibility of Lantmäteriet

Lantmäteriet is responsible for the national geodetic infrastructure and making it accessible to users. We also work for an increased and broadened use of the infrastructure within various sectors of society.

We provide advice and support for increased uniformity, coordination and quality in the subject field of geodetic measurements.

We carry out research as well as technology and method development in the field of geodesy and measurement, sometimes in collaboration with other stakeholders. Lantmäteriet also acts as Sweden's representative in international work in the field of geodesy.

Interactive services

Here you find a number of interactive services related to the subject field of geodesy. Among other things, you can transform coordinates and calculate geoid heights.

More information

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