A transformation is a conversion of coordinates from one coordinate system to another.

Why are coordinate transformations performed?

For example, coordinate transformations are performed to be able to present different data sets together, if they are not already given in the same coordinate system.

How do we use the term transformation?

The term transformation is here used for all operations where a set of coordinates is transferred from one coordinate system (from-system) to a new set of coordinates in another coordinate system (to-system).

The difference between conversions and empirical coordinate transformations

It is possible to distinguish between theoretically defined coordinate transformations with specified parameter values – that is, transformations within a reference system – which we usually call conversions, and coordinate transformations with empirically determined parameter values. Lantmäteriet has developed the Gtrans software for coordinate transformations.

Interactive services

Coordinate transformation, for example to convert your GPS positions to a format compatible with the grid on Swedish maps.

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