Education and seminars in geodesy and GNSS

Learn more about basic geodetic concepts, coordinate systems, national and global reference systems as well as theory and methods for position determination with GNSS through our courses. We also organise seminars related to Swepos, geodesy and GNSS.

Current educations

Twice a year we offer course opportunities where you have the opportunity to gain basic knowledge in the field of geodesy. The courses cover, among other things, the development and history of geodesy, geodetic reference systems and their applications, as well as practical handling of different coordinate systems and coordinate transformations.

Our courses are taught in Swedish.

  • Geodesy and reference system; distance education for you who want to gain a theoretical understanding of what geodesy and reference systems are and how they are applied.
  • Coordinate transformations and Gtrans; distance education that gives you knowledge about coordinate transformations and how to use Gtrans, Lantmäteriet's software for coordinate transformations.


We regularly organise GNSS/Swepos seminars for you who are interested in the development of satellite positioning and Swepos, the national network of permanent reference stations. The presentations deal with various aspects of positioning with GNSS and Swepos.

Customised training

We also offer tailored training in the field of geodesy and GNSS on-site at your location.

If you have questions about our educations in the field of geodesy and GNSS, contact the Geodesy department.

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