Map projections

You can use map projections to map the curved surface of the earth on a flat surface, such as a map.

Transverse Mercator projection most common in Sweden

In Sweden, Transverse Mercator projection, also known as Gauss-Krüger's projection, is most often used, but there are also other projections.

Map projections always give some sort of distortions. Different map projections give different types of distortions.

It is often convenient for you to use a plane coordinate system for presentation of geospatial information. To relate a three-dimensional coordinate system to a flat two-dimensional system, a map projection is used.

In our collection of formulas you will find the formula for Gauss-Krüger's projection (pdf, new window).

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Meridian convergence refers to the angular difference between "map north" and the true north direction.

The magnetic declination varies between approximately 2° in southwest Sweden and 8° in the northeast and is caused by the magnetic and geographical north poles not coinciding.

In connection with the service Compute meridian convergence, there is more information about both meridian convergence and magnetic declination.

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