Overview of map projections

Here you will find descriptions of some common map projections.

The table shows an overview of what different map projections mean, such as properties and areas of use.

There is also a compilation of the map projections (pdf, in Swedish, new window), which contains additional information about each projection.

Overview of map projections

Name Usage  Properties
Gauss-Krüger (Transverse Mercator) Most common projection in Sweden Conformal, cylindrical
Lambert's conical conformal Previously widely used in Sweden Conformal, conical
Normal Mercator Common on charts and world maps Conformal, cylindrical
Stereographic Common when mapping polar regions etc. Conformal, perspective
Aitoff's World maps Azimutal
Alber's conical equal area Overviews in atlases etc. Equivalent, conical
Azimuthal centrally equidistant Overviews in atlases etc. Equidistant, azimuthal
Bonne's Overviews in atlases etc. Equivalent, conical
Cassini's Previously used in England for topographical maps, among others Equidistant, cylindrical
Central perspective cylindrical projection Projection not actually used Perspective, cylindrical
Eckert's Six projections for world maps, half of them are eqiualent (Equivalent), cylindrical
Galls (stereographic) World maps Perspective, cylindrical
Globular For mapping of hemisphere Azimuthal
Gnomonic An old projection with unusual properties Perspective, azimuthal
Hammer's planisphere World maps Equivalent, azimuthal
Hammer-Wagner's World maps Equivalent, azimuthal
Lambert's azimuthal equal area  Mapping of polar regions or hemispheres Equivalent, azimuthal
Lambert's cylindrical equal area Overview atlases Equivalent, perspective, cylindrical
Lambert's conical equal area  Overview atlases etc. Equivalent, conical
Miller's cylindrical World maps Cylindrical
Mollweide's World maps Equivalent, cylindrical
Orthographic For mapping of hemisphere Azimuthal, perspective
Peter's Variant of Lambert's cylindrical equal area projection Equivalent, cylindrical
Plate carrée, square The most simple projection Equidistant, cylindrical
Plate carrée, rectangular Simple projection used for world maps Equidistant, cylindrical
Polyconical For areas that are relatively narrow in a north-south direction Polyconical
Robinson's World maps, thematic maps Conventional
Sinusoidal (Sanson-Flamsteed's) Overview maps Equivalent, cylindrical
Van der Grinten's World maps Azimutal
Werner's  Overviews in atlases. Special case of Bonne's projection. Equivalent, conical
William-Olsson A Swedish projection for world maps Equivalent
Winkel Tripel World maps Conventional

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