Geodesy services

Here you find a number of interactive services connected to the subject field of geodesy.

  • Coordinate transformation gives you the possibility to transform between a selection of coordinate systems.
  • Simple coordinate transformation can be used to convert your GPS positions to a format compatible with the grid on Swedish maps.
  • Compute meridian convergence, i.e. the angle between grid north and true north in a given point.
  • Compute geoid height gives the difference between ellipsoidal height and height above sea level for a given point.
  • Compute the position of the Arctic Circle gives you the position of the Arctic Circle for a given year.
  • Hitta stompunkt (roughly translated as Find Geodetic Control Point) is an e-service providing point descriptions, coordinate and height data for ground control points in the national geodetic reference networks.
  • Swepos' services give the possibility of positioning and navigation at metre to centimetre level – in real time or by post-processing.

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