Swepos services

Swepos' services provide the possibility of position determination with GNSS in the reference system SWEREF 99. Swepos offers both real-time services and services for post-processing of GNSS observations.

Swepos data can either be used to process static measurements or for RTK surveying.

Real-time services

With real-time services, your position is determined in real time, in direct connection with your GNSS measurement.

Network RTK is used when the quality requirements are high - the measurement uncertainty for the position in SWEREF 99 is at the centimetre level. To be able to use the service, the user must have advanced GNSS equipment. The service also includes Network DGNSS.

Open data includes DGNSS which can be used when the quality requirements are not the highest.

The real-time services require the user to connect their equipment to Swepos' data streams, usually via mobile Internet.

Services for post-processing

Swepos offers reference station data for post-processing of both static measurements and RTK measurements.

With the Post-processing subscription the following are included:

Reference station data in the form of Rinex daily files are available free of charge. The other parts of the Post-processing subscription are still subject to a fee.

Support services

With help of the support services, you can plan and carry out your measurements in a way that increases the chances of good results, regardless of whether your position is calculated in real time or afterwards.

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