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If you need support, contact the control center via the contact form in the service portal (in Swedish, new window). You can also reach us via

Opening hours

The support is open Monday-Friday at 07.00‑17.00.

At other times, personnel are on standby to handle operational disruptions.

Special opening hours of the support in 2024
Date Holiday Opening hours
1 January New Year's Day Closed
29 March Good Friday Closed
1 April Easter Monday Closed
1 May Labour day Closed
9 May Ascension Day Closed
6 June National Day of Sweden Closed
21 June Midsummer Eve Closed
24 December Christmas Eve Closed
25 December Christmas Day Closed
26 December Boxing Day Closed
31 December New Year's Eve Closed

Questions and answers

Lantmäteriet produces maps but no driving directions.

If you have found an error in your GPS navigator, you need to contact the navigation system manufacturer. We have some suggestions on whom to contact for error reporting.

The GPS measurements are primarily given in WGS 84, but SWEREF 99 can often be considered the same system. Read more about the relationship between WGS 84 and SWEREF 99.

To convert positions between latitude and longitude in WGS 84 and plane coordinates in SWEREF 99 TM, you can use the e-service Simple coordinate transformation.

However, old map data were produced in RT 90 2.5 gon V. For transformation of SWEREF 99 lat/long to RT 90 2.5 gon V, use the method recommended for transformation between RT 90 and SWEREF 99.

The difference between latitude and longitude in WGS 84 and RT 90, respectively, differs by up to 300 meters in Sweden; see Differences in latitude and longitude between RT 90 and global systems (pdf, in Swedish, new window).

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