Virtual rinex

If you do not have the possibility to measure with Network RTK, you can instead use Virtual RINEX to post-process your measurements.

Post-processing of RTK measurements in your own software can e.g. be relevant if you do not have cellular coverage at the time of measurement, and therefore cannot connect to the Network RTK service.

How do I order virtual RINEX?

If you have a Post-processing subscription, fill in the information on the order page and submit your order to generate files. Please note that you must be logged in to access the order form.

Be sure to enter the following when ordering virtual RINEX:

  • Date, no longer than 90 days before the day of order
  • The time interval for reference data (between which times you have measured)
  • Epoch length / observation interval (e.g. 1 second)
  • Approximate coordinates (in any of the supported coordinate systems)
  • File name for the point
  • Which file format you want (RINEX 3.04 is the default)

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