Hydrographic products

In January 2016, the download service Hydrografi Download and the display service Hydrografi Visning INSPIRE were launched.

Hydrography Download

The service is a download service with atomic flow and contains hydrographic information according to Inspire and Swedish water standards.

For more information about the service, see product page.

Hydrography Display INSPIRE

The service is a WMS display service for the theme Hydrography according to INSPIRE.

For more information about the service, see product page.

Ready to deliver areas

As of March 15, 2018, the services are complete and nationwide and contain all 131 areas. Data available over the following areas (in swedish, pdf, new window).

The information in the products will be updated once a year from 2018.

Movies about our hydrography products

Here are films about our hydrography products and applications of these. The films were shot at the Hydrography Day in Norrköping 2018-11-13.

Hydrography products from SMHI

Downloadable map layers containing polygons for main catchment areas can be found at SMHI's website (in swedish, new window).
Here you can also download tables and map layers from SVAR (Swedish Water Archive).

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