Movies about hydrography products

Here we present seven films about our hydrography products and their uses. The films were shot at Hydrography Day in Norrköping on 13 November 2018.

Movie 1 - Information about Hydrography in networks and content and structure of Lantmäteriet's product Hydrography Download (in swedish, new window)

Lecturer: Rickard Hallengren, Lantmäteriet  

Movie 2 - Information about the structure of SMHI's new database SVAR 10,000 and its contents, as well as the connection to Lantmäteriet's hydrography products (in swedish, new window)

Lecturer: Daniel Björkert, SMHI  

Movie 3 - Information on how to find and use SMHI's and Lantmäteriet's products SMHI's open data with main catchment areas (download service and display service) and Lantmäteriet's Hydrography Download and Hydrography Display Inspire (in swedish, new window)

Lecturer: Daniel Björkert, SMHI and Rickard Hallengren, Lantmäteriet

Movie 4 - Information about Swedish water standards and the implementation of this in hydrography products (in swedish, new window)

Lecturer: Jakob Nisell, SGU

Movie 5 - User cases regarding the water supply on Gotland to find suitable areas for increased / improved groundwater formation and to find new water sources (in swedish, new window)

Lecturer: Jakob Nisell, SGU 

Movie 6 - User cases regarding vulnerability maps; projects regarding vulnerability maps for the rescue service and a national vulnerability map from SGU (in swedish, new window)

Lecturer: Joar Hjertberg, The rescue service Östra Götaland and Jakob Nisell, SGU

Movie 7 - User cases regarding groundwater deposits and to link these to hydrography in networks (in swedish, new window)

Lecturer: Jakob Nisell, SGU

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