About Network Hydrography

A nationwide hydrographic network at a scale of 1:10 000 was the goal of the collaborative project that SMHI and Lantmäteriet started in 2013.

The benefits of networked hydrography

By networking hydrography, the societal benefits increase significantly. Being able to describe water flows in a way that allows analyzes in GIS software provides the opportunity to predict and manage consequences and impact on the environment.

Some examples of environmental problems where analyzes using networked hydrography are of great value:

  • Dispersion of pollutants in watercourses
  • Acidification of lakes and liming needs
  • Rising water levels during floods in risk areas
  • Landscape and water system impact in environmentally sensitive areas
  • The impact of forestry and infrastructure design in the landscape

The combination of different data such as hydrography and altitude information also contributes to making better analyzes, primarily in climate-related areas. When Sweden and other EU countries provide data according to the Inspire Directive's specifications, it will also be possible to perform various types of environmental modeling and environmental analyzes in a simpler way across larger areas and across national borders.


Lantmäteriet and SMHI decided in 2010 to initiate a collaboration on hydrography, ie lakes, watercourses and their flows. The reasons that led to the collaboration between SMHI and Lantmäteriet include requirements and recommendations set through the environmental directive Inspire, the Environmental Information Ordinance and the Swedish standard for water. Inspire.

Lantmäteriet would be responsible for it new data set and through collaboration with SMHI ensure efficient management of updating, storage and provision.

Continued work

Now that the project has been completed, the work has entered a management phase where updating the network , change management and more, is performed in collaboration between Lantmäteriet and SMHI. There will also be some joint communication and information activities towards the users.

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