Hydrography View Service, INSPIRE

This is a view service according to the EU directive INSPIRE for the theme Hydrography, physical waters. The information is adapted for viewing in scale 1:10 000. The product name in Swedish is Hydrografi Visning, Inspire.

 Logotype for services that meet the guidelines of the EU Inspire Directive.

About this product

Display service according to the EU Directive Inspire data specification for the theme Hydrography.

The content of the service is divided into six separate layers:

  • HY.PhysicalWaters.ManMadeObject (Artificial objects)
  • HY.PhysicalWaters.HydroPointOfInterest (Hydrographically Interesting Sites)
  • HY.Network (Hydrographic Network)
  • HY.PhysicalWaters.Wetland (Wetlands)
  • HY.PhysicalWaters. LandWaterBoundary
  • HY.PhysicalWaters.Waterbodies

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In order for cross-border catchment areas to be complete, data from our neighboring countries are also reported in the services, both Norwegian and Finnish data.

Films about our hydrography products

Here are videos about our hydrography products and their applications.

This is how often the information is updated

The product is complete and nationwide. The information in the product is updated once a year.

Lantmäteriet maintains basic data from aerial photographs at different intervals, following the National Image Supply Program.

Items included in National Shoreline (NSL) is updated in collaboration with the Swedish Maritime Administration.


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Services that meet the INSPIRE specifications are available free of charge on www.geodata.se/geodataportalen (opens in new window). There you can also find detailed information about the services. On the INSPIRE website (opens in new window), you can read the implementing rules that form the basis for our INSPIRE services.

Presentation of the various information layers


The layer contains constructions in or adjacent to water such as dam building, water tube including gutter, sluice gate, mooring, jetty, pier, quay, joint structure, aqueduct and diving valley.

Example image in scale 1:15 000.


The layer contains rapids and waterfalls.

Example image - rapids and waterfalls

Sample image in scale 1:50 000.


The layer contains a geometric hydrographic network including frame lines.

Example image - geometric hydrographic network including frame lines.

Example image in scale 1:10 000.


The layer contains swamps.

Sample image - swamps.

Example image in scale 1:10 000.


The layer contains shorelines.

Sample image - shorelines.

Example image in scale 1:15 000.


The layer contains lakes and larger watercourses as surfaces and smaller watercourses as lines.

Example image - lakes and larger oh smaller watercourses.

Example image in scale 1:15 000.


Different versions of the services may overlap each other, so pay attention to which version you are using. Version history describes the changes that occurred at each update.

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Version history

Version and date

Changes compared with previous version

Version 1.1

Available in verification environment:

Available in production environment:
The same access point as previously.

All areas have been updated.

Version 1.1

Available in verification environment:

Available in production environment:

The same access point as previously.

All areas have been updated.
Aqueduct (crossing) is presented in HY.PhysicalWaters.ManMadeObject

Version 1.1

Updated 2019-04-01


All existing areas have been updated.

The following three changes, introduced for a smaller number of areas in the previous release, have now been introduced in all areas:

  • The detail type Vattendrag under mark (Watercourse below ground) have been coded into the detail type Stomlinje otydlig (Centre line, fictitious).
    The geometric network remains intact. However, Vattendrag under mark (Watercourse below ground) will no longer be reported in the layer Watercourse, since Stomlinje, otydlig (Centre line, fictitious) is not mapped to Watercourse, which Vattendrag under mark (Watercourse below ground) previously was.
  • The detail type Blekvät (Lime stone bog) has been re-mapped as Sankmark, svårframkomlig (Wetland, difficult to pass). The service is not affected.
  • The detail type Dammbyggnad (Dam) is changed from referring only to the part of the dam that carries the dam hatches to the entire dam structure. The change affects approximately 300 dam buildings. 

In addition to the above, the following corrections have been introduced: 

  • Some shorelines in the coastal areas have previously been missing in the Inspire theme for physical waters. This is now corrected.
  • Incorrect display of GetLegendGraphic for some layers has been corrected.

Technical framework and standard for view services

Our map and image view services are based on the standardized call interfaces Web Map Service (WMS) and Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) developed by The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). WMS is also an ISO standard (ISO 19128).

The Open Geospatial Consortium website (new window)

The services are of the nature 'question-answer', where the consumer (user's system) sends a service call over the Internet and receives a map image in a standard image format or in a vector format for certain types of services.

The characteristics of the map image are defined by the call parameters, such as information type, geographical spread, reference system, image format and image size.

There are many client applications for display services or components for integration into own system available. In addition to commercial products, there are a number of established products based on open source code, such as QGIS.

QGIS website (new window)

At OSGeo, The Open Source Geospatial Foundation you can read more about software in the field of geodata that are based on open source code.

OSGeos website (new window)

Do you want deeper technical information about our geodata products you can read the product documentation.

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