Hydrography View Service, INSPIRE

The product contains hydrographic objects according to INSPIREs dataspecification for Hydrography. The product name in Swedish is Hydrografi Visning, Inspire.

 Logotype for services that meet the guidelines of the EU Inspire Directive.

About this product

The product contains hydrographic objects covering entire Sweden, presented in six separate layers, according to INSPIREs dataspecification for Hydrography. The information is adapted for viewing in scale 1:10 000.

Important to know

Consider the following before ordering the product:

  • To use this product, you need to pay a fee and sign a license agreement with terms for usage.
  • The product gives you access to information in forms of maps and images. You can look at them, but you are not able to process or change them.
  • You need a system or an application to use this product. It has an application programming interface (API) and cannot be used directly in an Internet browser.

Maintenance and update frequency

The product is updated once every year.


The documentation for Hydrography View Service, INSPIRE in Dokumentation geodataprodukter (in Swedish, new window).

Services that meet the INSPIRE specifications are available free of charge on www.geodata.se/geodataportalen (new window). There you can also find detailed information about the services. On the INSPIRE website (new window), you can read the implementing rules that form the basis for our INSPIRE services.

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