Connection to the service

To connect to Swepos real-time services, up-to-date connection information is required. This also applies to the M2M SIM cards provided by Swepos.

Select mount point

Connection is made to*, port 80 or port 8500.
The connection requires a username and password.

Select a connection point (mount point) for the desired data content:

Network RTK connection points
Connection point Data format Data Content
MSM_GNSS RTCM 3.2 MSM4 GPS / Glonass / Galileo **
RTCM3_GNSS GPS / Glonass L1 + L2 GPS/Glonass L1+L2
DGNSS RTCM 2.3 Network DGNSS with GPS / Glonass

About Swepos M2M SIM card

The M2M SIM card is only available together with a subscription to Swepos Nätverks -RTK. In the event of unauthorized use, we reserve the right to deactivate the subscription with immediate effect.

The M2M SIM card can roam, ie automatically switch to another available operator in the event of a weak signal or if coverage is lacking from the original operator.

For your equipment to be able to connect to the Internet via mobile networks, you need to enter the so-called access point name, APN, for your M2M SIM card.

APN: internet.ts.m2m

Contact your instrument vendor if you need help changing the APN setting when using this type of SIM card.

M2M SIM cards that are not used for a 6-month period are automatically deactivated. Contact the Swepos operation to reactivate the SIM card.
Cards that are not used for an 18-month period will expire and can therefore not be used again.

Telia does not support this type of SIM card. Contact Swepos control centre for troubleshooting or if you have any questions.

* If DNS the address does not work with your GNSS equipment, contact the Swepos control centre for current IP address information.

** All available GNSS signals are included. Contact Swepos control centre for up-to-date information.

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