Applications for Network RTK

Network RTK can be used for many different purposes in addition to the typical measurement applications within e.g. property formation and mapping. Here you will also find some examples of other applications.

Geodesy and measurement

Swepos provides the possibility of position determination at the centimetre level for users with advanced GNSS equipment, in real time as well as with post-processing. You get the position directly in the reference system SWEREF 99. Schematic illustration showing how Network RTK works and can be used in various applications.

Assignments where Swepos' services can help you, are for example surveying for property formation, stake outs or machine guidance for construction work.

There are also a few free services that can be used for planning, accomplishment and evaluation of your measurements.


Let the agricultural machinery run itself! Implement precision farming with Swepos' services in in combination with machine guidance.

Schematic illustration showing how Network RTK works and can be used in agricultural applications.

The machinery controls itself and the overlap between the lines in the field can be reduced when the machine runs with centimetre accuracy. In combination with information about the crop growth in different parts of the field, you can adjust the fertiliser distribution for maximum yield, which has positive effects on the economy, as well as the environment as the machine's fuel consumption decreases and the amount of fertiliser can be adjusted to limit environmental impact.

Business and technology development

A robotic lawnmower that can run with centimetre accuracy, a ski-slope preparing machine that assesses snow depth, self-driving vehicles – do you have a product that needs to be positioned at the centimetre level?

Schematic image showing how Network RTK works and can be used in business and technology development.

If you need to position yourself with centimetre accuracy in real-time, the mobile phone will not suffice. When you connect a GNSS receiver to Swepos, you can get the position at the centimetre level. Swepos is an important part of the geodetic infrastructure and provides the opportunity for navigation support and accurate positioning for a variety of GNSS applications.

Other services from Swepos

In addition to Network RTK, Swepos also offers other services, such as

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