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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about Lantmäteriet 's map products.

Questions and answers

A number of products have style files for QGIS, these can be found on each product page.

If you do not find style files there, QGIS Sweden has collected gml. style files to add style to Lantmäteriet's vectorized maps in QGIS. The files can be downloaded from their Github page (new window) which can also be accessed from here (new window).

To set the reference scale zoom in, to the below recommended scales, for the various products and right-click on "Layers" in ArcMap/PRO, then in ArcMap select "Reference Scale" and then "Set Reference Scale".

In PRO directly select, when right-clicking on, "Map"/"Layers" "Set Reference Scale".

We recommend the following reference scales:

  • Topography 10, Cadastral parcels, Right, Land regulation: 1:10 000
  • Topography 50: 1:25 000:
  • Topography 100: 1:50 000
  • Topography 250: 1:100 000
  • Topography 1M: 1:500 000

No, height curves can not be ordered as a separate product.

Elevation curves are included in the following products that belong to Lantmäteriet's range of open geodata and can be downloaded from the Open Data page.

Elevation curves are included in the products below that belong to Lantmäteriet's range of open geodata.

  • Elevation curves 25 m included in Topography 250 Download, vector.
  • Elevation curves 10 m included in Topography 100 Download, vector.
  • Elevation curves 5 m (10 m in the mountains) included in Topography 50 Download, vector.

Elevation curves are included in the products below that belong to Lantmäteriet's range of fee-based products.

Elevation curves 5 m included in Topography 10 Download, vector.

Administrative division 1:250,000 is included in the Topography 250 Download, vector. and Administrative division 1:1 million is included in Topography 1M Download, vector.

On the open data page, you can download both products that Lantmäteriet provides free of charge and with simplified terms of use.

Text is best visualized in the scale range 0-1: 10,000. The solution for the text not to be "compressed" on a scale between 1:10,000 -1: 20,000 is to lock the scale in 1: 10,000 by using the padlock to the right of scale.

Make sure you are using the latest version of your GIS software when accessing GeoPackage format geodata products.

In the ordering system, you must enter the coordinates of the desired area in SWEREF 99 TM even if you order Web Mercator. Here you can get help with coordinate transformation (new window).

When geodata products are delivered in shape format, LyrAdmin.mxd, can be used together with ArcGIS 9.x and 10.x to connect the delivered shape files with the correct layer in the .lyr file.

LyrAdmin for version 9.x:

LyrAdmin for version 10.x:

If this information is needed, the Swedish Maritime Administration will continue to be contacted, see the Swedish Maritime Administration's website for products and services (new window).

The information about cycle paths in the GSD Road Map has been removed. There are other products for cycle paths that are provided by other organizations/actors.

Printed maps were included in Lantmäteriet's range on 29 June 2018. Any remaining copies can be found at Norstedts (new window).

It is possible to print your own map from one of these e-services:

Lantmäteriet's previous product GSD-Vegetationsdata has been discontinued from the product range as of 1 January 2015.

Lantmäteriet no longer delivers data in DWG format. Do you want to order a format that we do not deliver, e.g. DWG, you can turn to one of our resellers who customize our data. Here you will find links to our dealers.

All our raster products have 254 DPI.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (opens in a new window) is responsible for ground cover data.

Metadata is available via the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's metadata catalog and searchable via the Environmental Data Portal (opens in a new window) and via the national catalog and the Geodata Portal.

Lantmäteriet's previous products GSD-Fastighetskartan, raster, GSD-Terrängkartan, raster and GSD-Vägkartan, raster were removed from the product range on 29 June 2018.

Substitutes for these are the products Map 1:10 000 Download, raster and Map 1:50 000 Download, raster as appearance has been customized to resemble the Topographic Sitemap.

Standard sockets for municipalities do not contain enclaves that are outside the main municipal area. The same applies in connection with county withdrawals.

The product Topography 10 Download, vector includes roads that follow the Swedish Transport Administration's report, which also applies to the type coding / classification of the roads.

Most GIS software can be used, QGIS is an example.

When delivering certain products, the LYR file is not included in the delivery. It can then instead be downloaded from the respective product page.

When delivering certain products, the product description is included. In cases where it does not, it can be downloaded from the respective product page.

The attribute in the Property Division Download, vector that contains a link to the Property Register is called object_id.

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