Image provision program

In order to cover different societal needs in terms of current image information for planning and follow-up, we have a national image provision program (Bildförsörjningsprogram). 

A long-term nationwide aerial photography plan shows in what intervals and quality different areas of the country will be photographed.

Our national image provision programme includes annually producing an aerial photography plan, following the long-term nationwide aerial photography plan. It allows users to predict when in time a particular area will be photographed next time. The long-term aerial photo plan also shows the resolution with which the different areas are aerial photographed

One third of Sweden every year

The goal is to photograph approximately 30 % of Sweden’s area each year; approximately 20 % of the country with a resolution of 0,15 m and approximately 10 % with a resolution of 0,37 m.

The aerial photography starts in mid-April and continues until September. 

From south to north

The photography starts in southern Sweden and continues north as the snow disappears and the weather allows it. This normally means that large areas in the south and along the northern coast are photographed early in the season, before leafing. 

To cover the needs for images with leaf, the ambition is to alternate between early and late aerial photography for the areas that are aerial photographed at more frequent intervals.

Plans and outcomes 

The presentation of plans and outcomes can be found on each product page:

Municipalities' central location in resolution 0.15 m / pixel

Several municipalities are located in the area that is aerial photographed at 2-year intervals, where the entire area is aerial photographed at 0.15 m / pixel.

The municipalities located in the area that are aerial photographed with an interval of between 4-10 years, which are normally aerial photographed with 0.37 m / pixel, can choose an area in their municipality to be aerial photographed with 0.15 m / pixel.

Read more about the plan for aerial photography of urban areas with higher resolution.

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