Urban areas are aerial photographed with higher resolution

From the aerial photography season 2023, four zones will be applied in the area that are aerial photographed at an interval of 4-10 years.

The plan is to photograph selected areas with a resolution of 0.15 m / pixel in one zone per year. All municipalities in these zones get their central town or other selected area aerial photographed with a higher resolution compared to the areas outside.

The four zones. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Zone 1: Årjäng, Forshaga, Arvika, Charlottenberg, Sunne, Filipstad, Torsby, Munkfors, Hagfors, Hällefors, Malung, Vansbro, Älvdalen

Zone 2: Edsbyn, Ljusdal, Sveg, Svenstavik, Bräcke , Hammarstrand, Åre, Östersund, Krokom, Ström sund, Dorotea, Åsele, Ånge

Zone 3: Vilhelmina, Lycksele, Vindeln, Storuman, Malå, Norsjö , Sorsele, Arvidsjaur, Arjeplog

Zone 4: Jokkmokk, Överkalix, Övertorneå, Gällivare, Pajala, Kiruna

2023 aerial photography begins with zone 2 and then the zones in order 3 2024, 4 2025 and 1 2026. Then we start again with zone 2 2027.

Before each year, the municipalities that are within the current zone, for future aerial photography, can choose which urban area / area which they want to have aerial photographed in cases where they want an area other than the central town.

Example: the central town of Arjeplog and the surrounding area. Click on the image to enlarge it.

If the municipality does not announce which area they want to choose before June 30th, before the respective aerial photography season, the municipality's central town will be photographed. The area that can be selected may have a maximum spread of four contiguous index panes of five kilometers.

Selection of area

In the If the municipality wishes aerial photography of an area other than the central city, it must be notified Lantmäteriet no later than the first of September by an email to visning.utfall@lm.se with the following information:

  • City/Area (maximum four index boxes of five kilometers):
  • Municipality:
  • Submitted by
  • name:
  • Contact information
  • telephone:
  • e-mail:

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