Assessment Direct

This service provides information from the tax assessment data section of the Real Property Register. The product name in Swedish is Taxering Direkt.

Brief information

The tax assessment section of the Real Property Register contains information about tax assessment values and valuation units for land and buildings.

Tax assessment information can be retrieved by entering the taxation unit ID. The answer always returns the id and the desired information.

Maintenance and update frequency

The tax assessment information is valid annually. Values are determined annually by the Swedish Tax Agency and made available through Lantmäteriet. The Assessment Direct service will make each year’s tax assessment available in early October. The information is updated weekly with re-appraisals from the Swedish Tax Agency.

When the registry is updated, the changes are immediately available in the direct access service.


Our geodata services are normally available 24/7 and we provide support during working hours. 
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Our geodata services (APIs) require that you have an application or software capable of managing the services. To view real property information or maps directly in your browser, you can use Lantmäteriet's e-services.

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You can order Real property information directly from us or from any of our resellers. The resellers can also assist you with customization and processing of the information.

If you want information about your own real property free of charge, you are welcome to use our E-service "Min fastighet" (in swedish). Reed more about "Min fastighet" (in swedish)

à If you want information from the Real Property Register according to the principle of public access to information, you are welcome to contact Kundcenter.

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If you want to use our geodata services in your organization, first you need to sign a license for use. Send in a request via our order form.

What are you going to do with the information?

How personal data in the Real Property Register may be used is governed by the Real Property Register Act (2000:224) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Before we can give you access to personal information in the Property register, we must evaluate your purpose with the use, which means that we will ask what you want to do. The application form is available in both Swedish and English.

Forms for evaluation of purpose for extraction-, notification- and download products

Lantmäteriet also reviews all orders from a confidentiality perspective. Confidentiality applies, among other things, to information concerning total defence if it can be assumed to damage the country's defence, or is considered to constitute a danger to national security if the information is disclosed in accordance with 15 kap 2 § Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (2009:400). The evaluation may therefore in some cases take from three to five working days.

Forms for evaluation of purpose for direct services*

*including Location address Download, INSPIRE and Buildning Download, INSPIRE

Handbook FRL

In Handbook FRL sets out Lantmäteriet's practice of purpose testing and is aimed at lawyers, managers and administrators of FRL cases. The handbook was last updated on 2018-07-01.

Order from resellers

If you need help with buying real property information or if you want a customized solution for your business, you should contact one of our geodata resellers (in Swedish).


The versions of the services may overlap, so pay attention to which version you are using. Version history describes the changes that occurred at each update.

    Technical framework and standard for direct access services

    Our direct access services are mainly based on standards from W3C (new window) and OGC, The Open Geospatial Consortium (new window).

    The service interfaces are SOAP or REST based where object types are in many cases built using GML (Geography Markup Language) or JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) to describe its geographical properties.

    The services are of the nature 'question-answer' where the consumer (user's system) sends a service call with search terms or selection parameters over the Internet and receives a list with one or more geographical objects in response.

    To get there quickly start and test the services before they are integrated in your own system, a tool such as SOAP-UI or Postman can be used. SOAP UI (new window) and Postman (new window) are tools for testing SOAP- or REST-based Webservices.

    Version History
    Version and date Change from previous version

    Version 2.0.1

    The service is backwards compatible and does not require any action in consuming systems.

    Available in verification environment:

    Available in production environment:

    2020 tax assessment will be available 2020-10-01 .

    Refers to: General property assessment of all agricultural properties. Special property assessment of, among other things, detached houses, apartment buildings and industrial units that are newly formed or changed.

    New adjustment code: 139 = Large value area added. The adjustment code refers to conditions for detached house construction on agriculture.

    Bug fix in the JSON schedule.

    Editorial changes in the documentation.

    Version 2.0.0

    Available in verification environment:

    Available in production environment:

    Updated to v. 2.0.1:

    2019 taxation will be available
    2019 -10-01

    Broken out TaxedCommunity facility from TaxedRegister unit.

    REST interface.

    Same content as in version 1.7.1

    Value order of single-family houses and single-family houses in agriculture

    Version 1.7.1

    The service is backward compatible and requires no action in consuming systems.

    Available in verification environment:

    Available in production environment:


    2019 taxation becomes available

    This is deleted:

    • In valuation unit type Forest , the item Cost class and Cost points
    • In valuation unit type BuildingVattenfall unit , the item MarkPaVattenfall unit
    • In valuation unit type Industrial buildingProduction cost the item Building category is deleted.

    This is added: 

    • In the valuation unit type Industrial buildingProduction cost in the item building type code , three new building types are added for production cost-calculated industrial buildings:
      7 = Other
      7 = Gas Station
      8 = Mast
      9 = Other activities
    • In the valuation unit type Taktmark in the item deposit code, two new codes are added:
      TOE = Peat (energy peat)
      TOS = Peat (litter & plant peat)
    • A new type code will be added
      739 = Electricity production unit, wind turbine construction value <50,000></50,000>
    • Two new adjustment codes will be added
      300 = Extensive rebuilding
      400 = Waiting time for delayed construction

    Version 1.7.0


    Available in verification environment:

    Available in production environment:

    Updated to v. 1.7.1


    2018 tax assessment information is included in the product from 2018-10-01. This means above all new information for all detached houses.

    Two new adjustment codes for detached house units have been added.

    Code Code description

    200 Share in communal facility
    239 Large value area


    A new valuation unit for forest land with felling restrictions (added from
    and with 2 October). 

    New assessment length for 2017.

    Property key removed from the object. Register unit reference and as a search entry.

    Search queries changed.

    Version 1.6.0


    2018 -04-04

    Description of sewer code for single-family land and single-family land in rural areas and description of type code for single-family unit are changed.

    Version 1.6.0

    Available in ver-environment
    from 2015-09-15

    Available in prod-environment

    Assembly code has been removed.

    Simplified filter names.

    No longer valid tax units are now displayed only at Get / FindAllaVersioner.

    Version 1.5.0


    ID is reported for people with a temporary social security number.

    New element idHyrbygg.

    Version 1.4.0

    Version released

    New element areaOvrigMark in Taxeringsenhetsattribut.

    Apartment buildings receive a reference to the land to which the building is connected:

    New element HyreshusmarkBostad i HyreshusbyggnadBostad .

    New element HyreshusmarkLokal i HyreshusbyggnadLokal .

    Version 1.3.0

    Version released

    The information about land that was in building classes is replaced by a reference to the land to which the building is connected. When the valuation unit land is not in the same assessment unit as the building, a reference to the land assessment unit is also reported. 

    Register unit reference begins to be reported in the answer to the question GetAllVersionsOfTaxation unitRequest

    The question FindTaxation unitRequest only retrieves tax units where the search criterion is met by now current assessment units.

    A new question FindAllVersionsAvTaxation UnitRequest is added. It has the same functionality as FindTaxation UnitRequest had before, see above.

    Version 1.2

    Available: No

    Version expired


    In the API portal you, as a user of Lantmäteriet's direct access services, you can among other things, manage access keys for the services you have access to.

    As a logged in user, you can view and manage the services you have access to, create access keys, create access groups, and view usage statistics.

    The API portal is available for both production environment and verification environment for our direct access services. You log into the respective environment's API Portal to manage services and permissions for that environment.

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