Building name

In 2016, Lantmäteriet carried out a quality control of all registered building names.

Purpose of quality control

The purpose of the quality control has been to:

  • condense the place name report in Lantmäteriet s basic geodata.
  • make the building names available to our users, e.g. the blue light authorities.
  • present the names in Lantmäteriet s map data products and databases.

We have examined four name types

Lantmäteriet has examined the names of buildings that have one of the four name types:

  • Main name Topography
  • Other name Topography
  • Alternative name
  • Alternative building designation.

This work has been completed and we have started updating newly registered building names.

This means that the municipality registers new building names as Alternative names or Alternative building designations in LINA . Lantmäteriet reviews these on an ongoing basis and assesses (based on the regulations) whether the name should change name type to Main name topography or Other name topography.

In the continued updating, the municipality should work according to the same regulations as Lantmäteriet uses. The regulations have been developed by the Place Names Authority.

Manuals for updating

Check out the latest versions of the manuals needed for updating Buildings, Addresses and Apartments (BAL) and other topography.

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