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Here you can follow hourly hourly update the building geometries at Lantmäteriet.

Map of Sweden with red markings.

We update information on Sweden's surface

Lantmäteriet regularly updates information on Sweden's surface. When updating Lantmäteriet geographic data is retrieved from Lantmäteriet s storage system which is then updated, through image interpretation and machining and controls.

Then the objects that have been updated are read back to the storage systems. happens by Lantmäteriet so mainly municipalities that work via service-based updating should avoid to update buildings in the same area to avoid version conflicts on building objects. It can also be good for other municipalities to be careful with building updates of a larger scale via LINA in the areas where updating is in progress. Lantmäteriet maintain buildings only outside the areas of responsibility agreed with each municipality within the ABT agreement.

Lantmäteriet contact the municipality before updating begins to m eddela and agree that updates should be made that affect all or parts of the municipality's surface.

To make it easier for the municipalities to know where Lantmäteriet updates so once an hour overview files are created that show where the updating is going on right now. The overview files are created in the SWEREF 99 TM coordinate system.

Lantmäteriet works with other updates or corrections of data and these are sometimes also seen in the overviews. When this happens, Lantmäteriet responsibility to avoid version conflicts on buildings. It is thus mainly when major updates are to be made according to the update plan and the municipality has been contacted by Lantmäteriet about this, which the municipality needs to know where Lantmäteriet updates j ust nu.

The update mode in different formats

Update mode (in swedish, pdf, new window)

Update mode (shape, new window)

Lantmäteriet usually works within a grid with 10x10km squares. The grid used can be downloaded below, transformed into the local SWEREF coordinate systems used by different municipalities.

Indexrutor_sweref_99_TM.zip (new window)

Indexrutor_sweref99_12_00.zip (new window)

Indexrutor_sweref99_13_30.zip (new window)

Indexrutor_sweref99_14_15.zip (new window)

Indexrutor_sweref99_15_00.zip (new window)

Indexrutor_sweref99_15_45.zip (new window)

Indexrutor_sweref99_16_30.zip (new window)

Indexrutor_sweref99_17_15.zip (new window)

Indexrutor_sweref99_18_00.zip (new window)

Indexrutor_sweref99_18_45.zip (new window)

Indexrutor_sweref99_20_15.zip (new window)

Indexrutor_sweref99_21_45.zip (new window)

Indexrutor_sweref99_23_15.zip (new window)

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