Common questions – buildings, addresses, apartments

Here we answer questions concerning the updating of buildings, addresses and apartments.


Register a building on each property, such as a townhouse. Geometry sent to Lantmäteriet must be shared. A building that to a small extent exceeds the property boundary is registered only on property where the main part is located (often due to poor quality of the property boundary).

Register a building in LINA and select the action type "Approved building permit". Then you send the geometry to Lantmäteriet. When Lantmäteriet enters the geometry, the status changes from planned to current.

No, not entirely, but is quite close. Some purposes go deeper than the type codes, e.g. in social function. Read more in the Handbook Building the Handbooks page.

No, no standard must be entered if the extension is to belong to an existing building / object. If the extension has a different purpose, several purposes can be added to the same building.

Yes, the current building with illustrative mode is now displayed in Building Download, vector.

Until the status is changed by the municipality in LINA or the municipality sends geometry to Lantmäteriet, which replaces it and makes it valid.

No, even buildings that do not require a building permit can be registered.

That all buildings that are 15 sqm or larger must be reported. Smaller buildings may also be reported. Lantmäteriet does not measure buildings smaller than 15 sqm in its own updating.

It is decided by the municipality itself.


It is stored exactly as you write / register except that the first letter is always changed to uppercase even if the lower case letter is written.

When Lantmäteriet enters the measured building geometry, Lantmäteriet does not change information for the address. This means that the address point remains.

Yes, the Swedish Tax Agency does not take into account the purpose of the building.

Search for "Status" in the report "Address location" in LINA.

Yes, but Lantmäteriet recommends that letter additions be used (24A + 24B).

Use the address at the quay and enter an "address place note" (berth).

Lantmäteriet has no routines developed for receiving files for major updates of addresses. The municipality may update the addresses in LINA.


The municipality checks this in connection with them making decisions about apartment numbers.


Yes, in the report "Property".

For example, from the municipality's building permit documents.

No, LINA is a direct update.


Other questions

We follow Lantmäteriet's updating plan, which in turn follows the image supply.

Yes, purpose and quality information such as average error and collection mode. See more information under Send delivery.

The question of "a line to the state" has been discussed for a long time, but at present the municipality must send building permit reports to Statistics Sweden separately. Among other things, because Statistics Sweden needs information that Lantmäteriet does not store.

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