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Lantmäteriet collaborates with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Swedish municipalities and other leading actors, with the aim of developing current and quality-assured geographical information about Sweden's hiking trails.

Increased need for information about hiking trails

In recent years, interest in outdoor life in Sweden has been on the rise and due to this there is an increased need for maps with current information about hiking trails. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has an overall mission as a coordinator in the national work with hiking trails, both the state trails in the mountains and hiking trails in lowland terrain, and works to maintain a network and create an arena for collaboration and exchange of experience between different actors and stakeholders.

On the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's website you can find more information about hiking trails in the mountains (new window, in Swedish) and in lowland terrain (new window, in Swedish).

Lantmäteriet 's role 

Lantmäteriet 's role is to ensure that updating of the national databases works through collaboration with the actors who have current information regarding hiking trails. In addition to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and Sweden's 290 municipalities, Lantmäteriet also has contact with County Administrative Boards, regions, dioceses within the Church of Sweden and other long-distance managers (eg Skåne trail, Smålandsleden).

Lantmäteriet defines hiking trails as at least 10 km long, well marked in the field and mainly intended for hiking. Windbreaks and rest cabins along the trails are also shown on the map. These objects are difficult to map with the main collection tool, visual interpretation of aerial images. Through collaboration directly with the actors who manage and are responsible for hiking trails, more efficient updating of changes that take place and with a higher quality is made possible.

Do you want a hiking trail to be visible in our maps?

If you are the principal of a hiking trail and want it to be visible in our maps, you can use our service Improve the map. 
Please note that if you are a municipality and want to update hiking trails, this must be done via the ABT agreement, read more here.

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