ABT agreement

The updating of address and building information as well as information about other topography takes place in collaboration between Lantmäteriet and the municipalities.

Normal agreements and appendices

Lantmäteriet , SKR and the municipalities have been collaborating for many years on geographical information and the basis for our collaboration is a so-called normal agreement. These serve as templates for the agreements between Lantmäteriet and each municipality, an example is the normal agreement ABT which is based on a number of collaboration levels.

Normal agreement 2007 (in swedish, pdf, new window) Lantmäteriet - SKR

Addition to Normal Agreement ABT (in swedish, pdf, new window) Lantmäteriet - SKR
Cover Letter Decision (in swedish, pdf, new window)

Calculation function for compensation 2024 (in swedish, xls, new window)

Other documents

Schedule of the ABT agreements (in swedish, pdf, new window) with dates for follow-up and revision of the ABT agreements.

Guidelines for collaboration levels ABT agreement (in swedish, pdf, new window)

Geodata Administrator (in swedish, pdf, new window)

Current collaboration levels 2024

Collaboration levels for addresses, buildings and other topography (in swedish, pdf, new window)

Collaboration group SKR-LM

Take note of meeting notes and information regarding the business plan.

Read more about standard agreements on Sweden's municipalities and regions' website (in swedish, new window).

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