Collaboration group SKR-Lantmäteriet

The collaboration group between Sweden's Municipalities and Regions (SKR) and Lantmäteriet works partly with the development and deepening of collaboration between the municipalities and Lantmäteriet, partly with management of the current business plan and standard agreement.

Current collaboration

A current collaboration is the project Smarter community building process which is a basic prerequisite for national access to uniform and open information for all actors in the community building process. Including in planning, property development and building permit management.

Group representatives

The collaboration group consists of representatives from SKR, the municipalities and Lantmäteriet.

Current staffing is as follows:

  • Ann-Sofie Eriksson, SKR 
  • Christina Thulin, SKR
  • Marianne Leckström, SKR
  • Peter Haglund, SKR 
  • Kent Färdig, Järfälla municipality
  • Angelica Oscarsson Ström, Jönköping municipality (repr. för KLM)
  • Martin Andrée, Sandvikens municipality
  • Anton Stampe, Lantmäteriet
  • Arwid Dahlberg, Lantmäteriet
  • Gunnar Ersbo, Lantmäteriet - secretary
  • Jimmi Mohlin, Lantmäteriet
  • Magnus Forsberg, Lantmäteriet
  • Malin Klintborg, Lantmäteriet
  • Marcus Ygeby, Lantmäteriet
  • Marika Ström, Lantmäteriet

The position of chairman rolls annually and in 2023 SKR will have that role.

Contact persons

Marianne Leckström, SKR
Gunnar Ersbo, Lantmäteriet

Meeting notes

The notes from the collaboration group are in Swedish, presented in pdf format and opened in a new window unless otherwise stated.




Current business plan and standard agreement

Business plan 2022 (in swedish, pdf, new window).

Follow-up Business plan 2022 (in swedish, pdf, new window)

On SKR's page, you will find the current normal agreement between SKR and Lantmäteriet.

SKR - Collaboration between Lantmäteriet's and Sweden's Municipalities and Regions (in swedish, pdf, new window)

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