Presentation of implementation agreements in plan description

Here you will find information and examples regarding the reporting of development agreements and land allocations (so-called implementation agreements) in the plan description.

Background and production of material

The material has been produced within the framework of Lantmäteriet 's project "Closer contacts with the plan authors regarding reporting of development agreements and land allocations". The background to the project is that Lantmäteriet has seen a need for information and examples as support for municipalities in order for their accounts to achieve the right quality.

The examples and slide show are intended to provide support and guidance to those who work with developing plan descriptions.

Slideshow on reporting the content and consequences of implementation agreements

Take part in a slide show that explains the presentation of development agreements and land instructions in plan descriptions (in Swedish, pdf, new window).

Good examples of presentation of development agreements

We have produced three different examples of accounts (in Swedish):

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