Geodata collaboration

Geodata collaboration gives authorities, municipalities and other organizations access to a comprehensive range of geodata.

Agreements for Geodata collaboration

Authorities, regions, municipalities and organizations with public tasks can sign agreements and then have access to geodata and services for public use. The product range for Geodata Collaboration contains geodata and services from Lantmäteriet , the Swedish Maritime Administration and the Swedish Geological Survey, SGU.

For those who are interested in signing an agreement for Geodata Collaboration or want to know more about what it means there is information on the page Geodata collaboration agreement .

Regional geodata coordinators

The regional geodata coordinators at Lantmäteriet is an important resource for information and advice on Geodata collaboration at regional and local level, together with authorities and municipalities and our other collaboration partners, will work for further development and increased use of geographical information and real estate information in society.

Telephone and address list for all regional geodata coordinators at Lantmäteriet (pdf, new window).

You who have signed an agreement

Do you want to place an order from us at Lantmäteriet , you are welcome to contact our geodata support.

Phone: 026-63 36 00

Information sheet for those who have signed an agreement for geodata collaboration (pdf, in Swedish, new window)

Are you a reseller of Lantmäteriets geodata?

We have collected the most common questions and answers about further processing and Geodata collaboration on the page Frequently asked questions about further processing .

Questions and answers

We have collected the most common questions and answers about Lantmäteriet s application on page Geodata Collaboration FAQ .

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