Frequently asked questions about further processing

Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers about further processing and geodata collaboration.

Questions and answers

Yes, an organization that has an agreement on geodata collaboration can order geodata from Lantmäteriet according to the product catalog and have the order delivered to a further processor.

No, a further processor can not order from Lantmäteriet on behalf of someone who is part of geodata collaboration.

Yes, if the processor has a unique ID to be able to distinguish that the distribution of geodata goes to organizations that are part of geodata collaboration, Lantmäteriet will not charge a fee to processors for geodata that has already been paid via the fee for geodata collaboration. The processor can in turn charge for the processing they perform - but not for geodata.

Yes, if a processor has a stock of basic data products (which is built up for a delivery fee), they can deliver basic data products from this warehouse to organizations that are part of geodata collaboration and report use to Lantmäteriet, without debiting from Lantmäteriet. The further processor may charge for the processing they perform, but the spatial data will not be charged.

Yes, a processor that receives delivery on behalf of organizations if included in geodata collaboration must store it separately and only use the information for geodata collaboration.

If a processor wants to provide geodata to organizations within geodata collaboration, it is the latter's responsibility to verify that the organization has entered into an agreement on geodata collaboration - before the processor delivers geodata from Lantmäteriet.

Here is a list of those who have  Agreements for Geodata Collaboration .

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