Frequently asked questions about geodata collaboration

Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers about Lantmäteriet 's application within the framework of geodata collaboration.

Questions and answers

If you have an agreement for geodata collaboration and want to place an order from us at Lantmäteriet, you do so from the Geodata Products page  or contact us by e-mail.

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Geodata collaboration agreements do not replace existing agreements with resellers. Changes or terminations of agreements with Lantmäteriet's resellers are handled between you and the reseller.

On  Agreements for Geodata Collaboration, you will find, among other things, what is included in geodata collaboration.

The annual fee for geodata collaboration includes deliveries of Lantmäteriet's products. For municipalities, geodata is included in the annual fee, in the product range for geodata collaboration, for own municipality and neighboring municipalities.

Free deliveries of geographical information are only made in Sweref 99 TM and in local Sweref zones. Transformations to RT90 are done for a fee.

Orthofoto is also delivered in RT90 2.5 gon V without transformation fee. Property information and Laser data are delivered for the time being only in Sweref 99 TM.

No limits.

The publication on the Internet is included in the license for public use, regardless of whether you have signed an agreement on geodata collaboration or redeem the license with Lantmäteriet or processors.

Yes, this is included in the license for public use as long as the information on and in connection with the map informs about various tourist destinations and tourist activities. This also applies to information about activities provided by private actors.

However, in this case, the municipality may not charge private actors for publishing information about their activities, nor may it charge a fee for disseminating the map. In that case, the license for commercial end use must be redeemed.

No, geodata collaboration does not affect the ABT and KLM / DRK agreements.

You who do not have an agreement on geodata collaboration choose and pay for the geodata you wish to use. You can either sign a right of use agreement for geodata via a reseller or directly with Lantmäteriet.

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