Geodata Council

The Geodata Council consists of actors in the field of geodata and shall provide advice on issues concerning Lantmäteriet 's coordination role. The members of the council are appointed by the government.

Geodata coordination

Lantmäteriet has the task from the government to coordinate the geodata area nationally. The coordination responsibility means that Lantmäteriet develops and manages the national infrastructure for geodata together with municipalities, county administrative boards, other authorities and organizations.

Read more about Lantmäteriet 's coordination responsibility.

The Geodata Council provides support for Lantmäteriet

In support of Lantmäteriet 's coordinating role is the Geodata Council. The Geodata Council is appointed by the government and consists of a number of authorities and organizations that provide advice on issues related to Lantmäteriet 's coordinating role for geodata.

The Geodata Council shall:

  • Jointly develop the national geodata strategy. The strategy provides guidance and describes how we jointly create a well-functioning infrastructure for geodata in Sweden.
    Read more about the Swedish National Geodata Strategy (new window).
  • Address issues of principle and common national interest in the field of spatial data
  • Contribute to the development of the national and international infrastructure in the field of spatial data by, for example, supporting the application of standards
  • Contribute to increased coordination between relevant authorities in matters of information development and provision of information
  • Contribute to coordination of infrastructure for the exchange and access to spatial data

Representatives of the Geodata Council

The Geodata Council is represented by the following authorities and organizations:

The following members of the Geodata Council are personally appointed by the government:

  • Tommy Danielsson, head of administration at Kristianstad municipality, represents Sweden's municipalities
  • Ann-Sofie Eriksson, section manager, represents Sweden's municipalities and regions
  • Lars Harrie, professor at Lund University, Department of Natural Geography and Ecosystem Science, represents universities and colleges
  • Anneli Bergholm Söder, county council, represents the County Administrative Boards

Meeting notes from the Geodata Council's meetings

All meeting notes are in pdf format, in swedish and open in a new window, unless otherwise stated.

Notes from previous years' meetings can be requested by contact our registrar. From June 1 2022 the appendices to the notes are also recorded in the diary.

Geodata Council´s meetings 2024

The Geodata Council has four meetings per year. This year's meetings will be held:

  • February 20
  • May 21
  • October 4
  • November 26-27 

Contact the Geodata Council

Do you need to take part in older strategies, reports from older action plan work or have any questions about the work with the Geodata Council or the National Geodata Strategy?

Contact Magnus Forsberg via e-mail or Anna-Lena Fridolfsson via e-mail

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