Our coordination responsibility

Lantmäteriet is responsible for coordinating the geodata area.

Geodata Coordination

Lantmäteriet has the task from the government to coordinate the geodata area nationally. The coordination responsibility means that Lantmäteriet develops and manages the national infrastructure for geodata together with municipalities, county administrative boards, other authorities and organizations.

Sweden builds an infrastructure for geodata

Lantmäteriet has a driving role in prioritizing, initiating and lead the work of building and managing the infrastructure.

This includes providing advice and support to organizations responsible for information - those who, according to the law and the regulation on geographical environmental information, are obliged to make their information available. We also work with the development of Geodata portal (new window) and management of the form of collaboration that we call geodata collaboration. Read more about geodata collaboration.

The geodata infrastructure should make it as easy as possible for as many people as possible to find and use geodata. The infrastructure means a common way of organizing, building and manage, make available and facilitate the use of spatial data, based on a broad collaboration involving more organizations and more data sets and services than those covered by the EU Inspire Directive.

Coordination of INSPIRE

According to the law (2010: 1767) and the ordinance (2010: 1770) on geographical environmental information, Lantmäteriet is responsible for coordinating the national implementation of the EU directive INSPIRE. Read more about Lantmäteriet 's coordination of INSPIRE and Lantmäteriet 's initiative at EU level.

The geodata strategy is the plan

The national Geodata strategy for the period 2021-2025 describes how we jointly create a well-functioning infrastructure for geodata in Sweden. The geodata strategy presents our common goals and strategies.

The Geodata Council provides support for Lantmäteriet

In support of Lantmäteriet 's coordinating role is the Geodata Council. The Geodata Council is appointed by the government and consists of a number of authorities and organizations that provide advice on issues concerning Lantmäteriet s coordinating role for geodata.

Read more about geodata council.

The geodata portal

The portal is a common entrance to geodata and services in Sweden. The portal provides the opportunity to search, find and view geodata from various sources, such as physically stored at different data providers. Via the portal, you can easily access the services and geodata of many organizations. The geodata portal is Sweden's connection to the European geodata portal, Inspire geoportal.

Read more about the geodata portal.

Geodata collaboration

Geodata collaboration creates conditions for better access to geodata. Geodata collaboration facilitates access to geodata by offering a comprehensive range of geodata from several various actors. With increased access to geodata, many societal functions can be streamlined and improved. All authorities, municipalities and other organizations with government tasks can sign user agreements for Geodata collaboration.

Read more about geodata collaboration.

Geodata for research, education and cultural activities

Do you need digital maps and geodata for teaching, studies, research or cultural activities? Teachers, students , students, researchers and cultural activities can access free geodata from several authorities.

Read more about geodata for research, education and cultural activities

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