UR's films about Lantmäteriet

Lantmäteriet has collaborated with UR (Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company) on a program series about land surveying issues. You can watch the films on UR Play.

Fifteen films

The title of the program series is UR Samtiden – borders, place names and maps. It consists of fifteen features, with topics ranging from subdivision, place names and redistricting to satellite positioning and glaciers. The films are in Swedish.

Watch the films on UR Play (in Swedish, new window) 

Subdivision and reallotment

Maybe you want to divide up your property so that your grown children can get a part of it? Then help from the Land Survey to determine the new boundaries. Subdivision and property regulation are the two most common ways to change property boundaries. Administrative surveyor Kristina Lindqvist tells how it's done!

Watch the video Avstyckning och fastighetsreglering on UR Play (in Swedish, new window).

From 1628 to present

At the beginning of the 17th century, the surveyor went from drawing maps, often for military purposes, to helping the court in border disputes between villages. Later, surveyors were hired for the big Swedish agricultural land reforms. Per Rune Karlsson talks about the role of the surveyor through the ages.

Watch the video Från 1628 till idag on UR Play (in Swedish, new window)

How does an easement work?

Easement is a right for a property to use another property's road, well, jetty, etc. The right is tied to a certain property, not to a certain person. Lantmäteriet's lawyer David Fridh goes through how it works!

Watch the video Hur fungerar servitut? on UR Play (in Swedish, new window)

All episodes in the series

The films are in Swedish and they open in a new window.

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