Lantmäteriet is a preparedness authority

As of October 1, 2022, Lantmäteriet is a contingency authority. In the event of crisis situations and heightened preparedness, the Land Survey must supply the total defense with basic data.

Ten preparedness sectors

Electricity supply, care, transport, drinking water and much else must also function in crisis and war. The government has therefore established ten preparedness sectors, where a number of preparedness authorities are given special responsibility for society's crisis preparedness and total defence. The emergency authorities must have a good ability to resist threats and risks, prevent vulnerabilities, handle peacetime crisis situations and carry out their tasks at high alert.

Lantmäteriet is included together with the Swedish Tax Agency, DIGG and the Swedish Companies Registration Office in the sector for the supply of basic data, where the Swedish Tax Agency has a special responsibility for driving and coordinating the work.

The role of Lantmäteriet

As a preparedness authority, the Lantmäteriet must have a good ability to maintain socially important activities and provide information that is important for total defense, even in the event of crises and heightened preparedness.

It is about preserving and making available geodata that can be used during peacetime crisis situations, heightened preparedness and ultimately in war. It is also about information that is needed to be able to rebuild society after a collapse, for example after a natural disaster or armed conflict.

Examples of such critical data at Lantmäteriet are property information that provides answers to the question "who owns what?", and that indicates where the property boundaries are. A secure and well-documented ownership of real estate also contributes to financial stability in peacetime crisis situations, this because real estate holdings largely constitute the collateral on Sweden's credit market.

A big change where the details are not clear

The change to the preparedness system is carried out in parallel with many actors in society. This means that all the details of which activities or measures are to be carried out are not determined from the beginning, but become clear over time.

MSB and the Swedish Armed Forces will jointly support Lantmäteriet and the other actors in the new preparedness system and ensure joint overall defense planning. Read more about the preparedness work on MSB's website (new window)

The Land Survey will implement measures and communicate these as new instructions are issued on an ongoing basis.

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