Coordination of Inspire

Lantmäteriet is responsible for coordinating the national implementation of Inspire. The coordination responsibility includes supporting, clarifying and interpreting requirements as well as conveying national views. Lantmäteriet is also Sweden's contact point for the European Commission in matters concerning Inspire.

What is Inspire?

Inspire stands for Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe. Inspire is an EU directive and sets out rules for setting up an infrastructure for spatial data. Inspire aims to provide better access to public spatial data through online viewing and download services.

The Directive includes:

  • identifying relevant spatial data, li>
  • describe these in metadata,
  • develop search, display and download services and
  • harmonize data so that they can be combined.

Inspire points out 34 data themes (new window) within which geodata is to be made available. Some data themes are general such as "place names and other geographical names" and "altitude and depth conditions" while others are more environmentally oriented such as "protected areas", "facilities and places for environmental monitoring" and "species distribution".

Responsibility and cooperation

The Ministry of Climate and Business is responsible for the introduction of the Inspire Directive in Sweden. The implementation of Inspire in Sweden takes place through cooperation between the information responsible authorities (pdf, in swedish, new window). The distribution of information responsibility is described in ordinance (2010: 1770, chap. 3) on geographical environmental information (in swedish, new window).

The European Commission coordinates Inspire at EU level with the help of participants from DG-Environment, DG-Joint Research Center and the European Environmental Agency. land. Read more about roles and responsibilities in the implementation of Inspire.

Search for geodata and services

In Inspire Geoportal (new window) you can search for geodata and services from EU Member States. Sweden's geodata and services in Inspire Geoportal can be downloaded from Geodata portal (new window).

Implementing rules

Inspire contributes to the standardization of national infrastructures within the EU through a number of EU regulations that describe the various components of a geodata infrastructure. These EU regulations are called implementing rules.

The provisions shall ensure that the geodata infrastructure is compatible and usable both nationally and cross-border. The implementing rules are adopted as decisions or regulations by the European Commission, which means that they are directly binding in all Member States. Read more about the Implementing Rules.

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