Initiatives at EU level

On behalf of Sweden, Lantmäteriet is a representative in the preparation and implementation of various initiatives within the EU.

INSPIRE - a European infrastructure for spatial data

INSPIRE stands for Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe. It is an EU directive that lays down binding provisions for the establishment of an infrastructure for spatial data within the EU.

The purpose of INSPIRE is to provide better access to public spatial data, for application to environmental issues, via services on the Internet. Authorities should be able to exchange data with each other more efficiently.

Read more on INSPIRE on the EU Commission's website (new window).

Regulation of Swedish implementation

The Act (2010: 1767) on geographical environmental information and the ordinance (2010: 1770 ) on geographical environmental information regulates the Swedish implementation of the EU directive INSPIRE.

Lantmäteriet is responsible for coordinating the national implementation of INSPIRE

Coordination responsibility includes supporting, clarifying and interpreting requirements as well as conveying national views. Lantmäteriet is also Sweden's contact point for the EU Commission.

Read more about the coordination of INSPIRE.


Copernicus is a EU Earth observation program, which cares for the earth and its environment for the benefit of all people in Europe. Copernicus offers information services based on Earth observation data via satellite and field data (non-space based).

Lantmäteriet participates in various projects related to Copernicus and also participates in the national collaboration group Government Cooperation Copernicus which aims to promote the use of Copernicus information, data and services and to coordinate Swedish requirements for the Copernicus program.

Read more about Copernicus on the Copernicus website (new window).

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