Plan review

Here you can read about plan review.

New routine since 2016

On 1 September 2016, a new routine was launched regarding how planning matters where Lantmäteriet are to submit opinions should be handled. The change means that Sweden's municipalities must send their requests for opinions directly to the Registrar, who then distributes these to the right unit and person depending on which municipality requested the opinion.

This handling applies to consultation, review and adoption documents which are sent to Lantmäteriet within the planning process before the plan has won legal force.

Documents are sent to the Registrar

Documents relating to planning consultations, planning reviews or the adoption of plans with associated documents, such as property lists and consultation reports, must be sent to:

It is also possible to send the documents by regular mail, but sending the documents digitally is preferable. Alternate postal address:

801 82 GÄVLE

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