Administrative material in the Ark

The material that is missing in Lantmäteriet's archive and is in the municipality's archive is about administrative material that was created before 1972 when the Act Property Development in the City regulated property development in the city. It is very valuable to get the material into Lantmäteriet's digital archive Arken, a national administrative archive.

Benefits of the sheets

The advantages of the material being in Arken are that administrative officers who need it in their practice have access to it and that the municipality does not have to handle the material. The material is also available in Lantmäteriet's service My Property, where the public has access to archive files concerning their property.

How does it work?

Lantmäteriet's coordinator helps with all preparatory work that is needed free of charge. The scan is done by the National Archives' unit for digitization.

  • A coordinator from Lantmäteriet together with staff from the municipality inventories the archive.
  • The coordinator produces data for corrections and additions in the property register and orders authorizations and shows how the municipality employees registers missing metadata.
  • The coordinator assists in the preparation of the administrative material, prepares packing lists and supports the municipality's staff in packing.
  • The coordinator is also the contact person for the scanning center and checks and approves the scanned material.

Many benefits

  • Property formation in the municipality becomes safer as archive documents become more easily accessible.
  • No more archive visits - everything is available online.
  • Easy for both the municipalities and the general public to find archive dossier.
  • The municipalities no longer need to provide hard copies to the public and the National Land Survey's administrator.
  • It does not require physical archive spaces, the documents can be handed over to city archives or similar facilities.
  • The original documents do not wear out because they are not used any longer.
  • You will get help with adjusting any errors in the property register within the city register area in conjunction with the inventory and review of the archive before scanning.
  • The physical archive will be adjusted for any inaccuracies and there will be a good match between archive documents and the property register.
  • To the delight of local history researchers and other interested public.
  • An investment for the future - once this has been done, no more work needs to be put into the archive.
  • The cost you spend now is earned in the future through all the above points.

Keep in mind that it is good to take advantage of the skills that may soon disappear from the municipality through retirements etcetera.


Take part in the degree project Completing Sweden's digital
proceedings archive (in Swedish, pdf, new window).


All scanning is done at an hourly rate. Any special treatment of the files is charged separately. The cost for Lantmäteriet's coordinator is included in the price.


If you want to know more you can contact Margareta Fryk, 026-63 32 89,

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