Here are the latest versions of the manuals needed for updating Buildings, Addresses and Apartments (BAL) and other topography.

The handbooks

Standard Location address - free download 

The Swedish Institute for Standards, SIS, has in jan of 2017 published a handbook (SIS TR 33: 2017) on how to design uniform location addresses. from the standard for location addresses, SS 637003: 2015, which was revised and published in 2015.

The handbook has been developed by Lantmäteriet , PostNord Sverige AB, Södertälje municipality, Järfälla municipality, Swedish municipalities and regions (SKR), Institute of Language and Folk Memories and Bring City Mail.

Lantmäteriet and SIS have entered into an agreement which means that all Swedish geodata standards and manuals as well as the most requested ISO standards in the geodata area can be downloaded free of charge from companies, authorities and organizations that are active in Sweden.

This means that municipalities have the opportunity to download the standard and the handbook that deals with location addresses free of charge.

Get login information for the service where the standards can be downloaded, on SIS Website (in swedish, new window).

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