Here we answer delivery and certain order questions about our geodata (maps, photos and property information).

If you do not find the answer to your question, please contact Geodata support - we'll be happy to assist you.

Questions and answer about delivery and certain order

The normal delivery times are listed here.

Property information:

Normally delivery takes place within 10 working days. Examination according to the Property Register Act always takes place when ordering property information, which may affect the delivery time.

Geographical information, withdrawal via self-service in Geotorget Order:

Within 24 hours.

Geographic information, order from geodata support:

Within 5 working days, depending on product. For products that require elements of manual work, mainly refer to aerial photo information, we can not promise delivery within 5 working days as there are dependencies that affect the delivery time. Contact the geodata support for more information.

Geodata services:

3 working days.

Property information is always delivered via FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Delivery of geographical information via Geotorget is done via http-link.

Geographic information for some products is delivered via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) but there is also the possibility of delivery on hard disk or USB memory.

Analog aerial images are scanned in and delivered digitally when desired. Otherwise they are sent by post.

Download can be done via sftp client or https protocols which are encrypted access methods. Each customer is identified with their username and password that has been sent via e-mail if specified when ordering.

Availability is basically 24 hours/day with interruptions for service and upgrades and more.

Download via sftp client:

As an sftp client, e.g. Filezilla, Winscp or sftp.exe (included in PuTTY) are used.

Server / hostname: sftp: //hamtplats.lantmateriet.seLogin ID:Password:

Download via browser and https protocol:

Enter: dialog box will then appear, where you enter your username and password.Example:

Delivery files:

Notification files are delivered with a file for all objects / tables.

We can recreate deleted files, up to 6 months back, for a fee of SEK 800 per file.

If it concerns property information, contact

Describe the problem in as much detail as possible. Do not forget to write how we can get in touch with you.

For maps and geographical information as well as aerial photos, contact Enter the location and tell about the problem in as much detail as possible. Do not forget to write how we can get in touch with you.

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