Swepos post-calculation

The service provides access to reference station data for own recalculation of GNSS observations, as well as e-service for recalculation of static GNSS observations. The product name in Swedish is Swepos Efterberäkning.

About this product

With a subscription to Swepos Post-Calculation gives you access to Calculation Service, Rinex data and Virtual rinex for eg post-calculation of RTK measurements.

  • The Calculation Service is an e-service that calculates the exact position of submitted static GNSS measurements.
  • With reference data from the Swepos stations, you can calculate your static GNSS observations in own software. You can order or download yourself rinex-data for post-calculation in your own software.
  • If you do not have the ability to measure with Network RTK, you can use Virtual rinex for recalculating your measurements.


Swepo's services are normally available 24 hours a day and support is provided on weekdays.

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To access Swepo's Post-Calculation, you need to subscribe.

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