Data sharing Norway-Sweden

A collaboration between Norwegian Kartverket and Swedish Lantmäteriet to be able to use each other's geodata for public use.

Collaboration agreement between Kartverket and Lantmäteriet

There is a need to share geodata between authorities, county administrative boards and municipalities on both sides of the Norwegian-Swedish border. Examples of cross-border data where geodata from both sides of the Norwegian-Swedish border are needed are blue light activities, community planning and nature and environmental protection.

Kartverket and Lantmäteriet has therefore signed a collaboration agreement for data sharing to enable the use of each country's geodata for public data on both sides of the national border.

Norwegian geodata for Swedish public use

There are a number of open services from Norwegian Kartverket which can be accessed via Kartverket 's WMS and cache services (in Norwegian, new window).

For questions and support contact:
Customer center or the Dissemination Service
Telephone: +47 32 11 80 00

Swedish geodata for r Norwegian public use

Topographical Sitemap Display, Layered and GSD Place Names are available for Norwegian public use with a public license.

In addition to the above-mentioned geodata, Lantmäteriet open data.

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