RG 82

The former national gravity system RG 82 was measured 1981-1982 and is based on four absolute gravity measurements.

The definition of RG 82

The four absolute gravity measurements were performed in Mårtsbo (near Gävle), Sodankylä (northern Finland), Gothenburg and Copenhagen. The network used to define RG 82 consists in its entirety of 25 points. It is called the Zero Order Network and is the third fundamental gravity network in Sweden. When calculating RG 82, Earth tide and polar drift as well as land uplift have been taken into account.

The Zero Order Network

Map showing the location of the 25 points in the zero order network.
The RG 82 Zero Order Network.

The map shows the Zero Order Network. In the underlined localities, absolute gravity measurements have been performed, in the other only relative measurements.

The first order network

The densification of the Zero Order Network, that was performed through measurements in 1984-2002, was called the first order network. It consists of a total of 149 points, which means that there is either a first-order point or a zero-order point every 50 kilometers where roads exist.

All measurements in RG 82 are also included in RG 2000.

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