EPOS horizontal strain rates

Lantmäteriet calculates strain rates from GNSS-derived velocities. In solid Earth science strain rates are usually referred to deformation changes in the crust that can be calculated from GNSS-derived velocities, i.e. differences in position changes with time of a set of GNSS stations.

The European Plate Observing System (EPOS) is an international long-term, open accessible digital infrastructure to facilitate integrated access to and use of European solid Earth science data, data products, and facilities. Lantmäteriet is one of the EPOS Thematic Core Service (TCS) "GNSS Data and Products" analysis centres.

The strain-rate product is updated whenever a new official EPOS velocity field is made available through the EPOS Data Portal. This will be done within four weeks after the velocity field can be accessed.

DOI Object Information
DOI https://doi.org/10.23701/sr
Title EPOS horizontal strain rates
Creator Lantmäteriet
Published 2023
Publisher Lantmäteriet

Strain rates calculated with the software package StrainTool (new window) from available EPOS velocity fields. The following versions are available

https://doi.org/10.23701/sr.0001: the first, preliminary version for horizontal strain rates provided by Lantmäteriet to EPOS in April 2021.

https://doi.org/10.23701/sr.0002: the second, intermediate version for horizontal strain rates provided by Lantmäteriet to EPOS in May 2023.

Metadata are available at EPOS Data Portal (new window).

Any questions can be directed to geodesi@lm.se.

Date range Version-dependent; see product description of respective version.
Spatial coverage Europe (11.75°W-34.75°E; 34.25°N-70.75°N)
Citation Lantmäteriet (2023): EPOS horizontal strain rates. Available from Lantmäteriet, the Swedish mapping, cadastral and land registration authority. doi:10.23701/sr
Resource type Dataset
Availability Online

EPOS Data Portal (new window)

Licence CC-BY (new window)

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