Administrative division

Here you can read about the administrative division regarding parish, parish and district.


The Church of Sweden is responsible for congregations from the turn of the year 2015/2016.

You can find information about specific congregations via Church of Sweden website (new window) or Statistics Sweden's website (new window).


Parish (land register parish ) is handled by Lantmäteriet 's business area Geodata. Updates are made in the register map and in the property register.

How old are the parish boundaries in the register map?

The parish division is the distribution it had when the register of properties and communities began to be kept with the help of automated processing, that is, when implementing the property data reform from 1976-1995.

Why does my property lack the parish?

If your property lacks the parish in the property register, it is because the property is within a city register area where the parish is missing.


What is districts?

The information district is a new division that comes from the parish disappearing as a division from the property register (but remains within the Church of Sweden ).

The district division is based on the parish division that was decided on 31 December 1999 but has been modified somewhat in the sense that a number of smaller enclaves have been removed according to a number of selection criteria.

The district division remains of just over 2500 districts in various sizes that cover Sweden. The obligation Lantmäteriet has for this type of information is to deliver district affiliation at the location address to the Swedish Tax Agency.

Where can I find districts?

Districts are not part of the property register but is geographical information. They are reported in the products GSD District Division, Geographical division Direct and Property unit Direct.

If your property does not have a district

District affiliation is calculated based on media coordinates (delivered in 09M) and if the register unit is without a location report, there is no district affiliation.

This usually occurs for certain types of properties (for example cooperative properties) that do not have a location report, but also temporarily for newly formed units that initially lack coordinates.

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